Vincent Wildlife Trust – Pine Marten portal

A brand new website with a resource section for sharing information and advice about pine martens in Ireland

This website was created by us for a partnership between Vincent Wildlife Trust (Ireland) and National Parks and Wildlife Service.

It shares expert knowledge from poultry keepers, foresters, farmers, pest control experts, gun clubs, NPWS conservation rangers and academics, offering information and advice about pine martens.


The Problem

Pine martens became extinct from the majority of Ireland by the 20th century, surviving only in a few isolated and fragmented populations mainly in the west. It is Ireland’s rarest native mammal species.

As a carnivore, it is often persecuted and misunderstood. Vincent Wildlife Trust (VWT) wanted a website to share helpful information and advice for householders, journalists, gun clubs, foresters and farmers.

The Process

We built a brand new website with a special section that VWT could populate with various different resources. Each resource could be categorized so the information could be sorted and filtered for the appropriate audience.

The Results

Traffic has grown steadily to the website since it was launched in early 2019, to the point that it has become the ‘go to’ resource for pine martens in Ireland.

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Kate McAney

Mammal Development Manager, The Vincent Wildlife Trust

Thanks again for all your hard work this year, the website has been really well received and there have been lots of comments on how well it looks and how easy it is to use. So, it’s a success!

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