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A redesign and migration of a website, including WorldPay connections, from an old content management system

Communications Co-ordinator, Oxfordshire Mind

Honey Lucas

Thanks very much for all you’ve done, it’s brilliant… You’ve been absolutely brilliant and I’m so delighted with our new sites – they are fantastic. I’m so glad we picked you to work with!

This is the Oxfordshire branch of Mind, the mental health charity. They exist to make sure anyone with a mental health problem has somewhere to turn for advice and support.

Oxfordshire Mind’s existing site was hosted in a content management system (CMS) by a company that was no longer going to provide this service. That left the mental health charity needing to move their website to a new host and a new CMS.

What we did

Plenty of hard work by both the charity and Made in Trenbania helped to refine the website’s content and export it in a format that enabled us to import into WordPress.

We created templates to allow people to join Oxfordshire Mind or donate to them using a credit card through WorldPay. This had its own set of complications due to the way WorldPay works, but once up and running and PCI compliant, the system has worked flawlessly.

We also used one of WordPress’ great ways of managing content to build a system for Oxfordshire Mind to advertise their job vacancies on the site. These use custom fields to accept the various jobs-related data and automatically switch off after the closing date.

From there it was but a hop, skip and a jump to design the site using the Mind brand, make sure it was responsive and optimize the hosting, content and plugins to ensure the site was as fast as possible.

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