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Who is Made in Trenbania?

A Brief History

Made in Trenbania is husband and wife team Andy Smith and Sinéad Smyth.

Web developer and online marketer

Andy Smith

Andy started work on a website for the conservation charity he worked for in 2001. His boss liked it, which was a good start!

But he also liked it, and he enjoyed the creative process that resulted in a website that could be seen around the world - the whole concept was new to him, but, back then, it was still relatively new to most!

Andy continued to work on the regional website in Northern Ireland. He was also asked to take on the website for the organisation across the whole of the UK, which we still manage on an ongoing basis today. He picked up a few other commissions in his spare time, but, in early 2010, we decided to set up our own business - Made in Trenbania.

Artist and creative spark

Sinéad Smyth

Sinéad Smyth is an artist and has been organising, enabling and facilitating arts-related projects for over 20 years. She  has worked on several collaborative arts projects on both sides of the Irish border, including the City of Culture/Thames Festival ‘Rivers of the World‘ Project. She has exhibited in Ireland, Northern Ireland and further afield in Europe.

Sinéad brings her artistic talents and creative mind to Made in Trenbania and helps bolster Andy's website and marketing expertise, as well as guiding his none too shabby design skills. Between them, they make a formidable team 🙂

Why ‘Made in Trenbania’?

Well, the ‘Made in’ is obvious I suppose. Trenbania comes from the local area ‘Trenbane’ (on older maps ‘Treanbane’).

The logo is based on the rune ‘Algiz’, which is sometime interpreted to represent protection. An Trian Bán is, literally translated, Irish for ‘the white third’ or 'the white part'. It probably means 'the uncultivated third'. The rune neatly cuts a one-third slice of the circle (also protection).

So, there you go! Our business goes from strength to strength, having built up a solid base of clients that continues to grow - long may that continue!


Some brief words from a few clients


The Conservation Volunteers

Caroline Pearce, Marketing Director

Andy’s digital expertise combined with creative talent has created a brilliant, optimised website for TCV.

I particularly value the way that Andy engages with people across our charity to ensure that all developments support their needs. Andy’s commitment and enthusiasm make him a valued partner who we consider as a key member of our team.

Kate O'Callaghan cover artwork

Kate O'Callaghan


Fantastic job all round, I'm absolutely delighted... an absolute pleasure to work with from start to finish.

Environment the Musical bird

Annette McNelis

Environment the Musical

I've come away with a fabulous new website, and had the good experience of working with a true professional and a real nice guy.

Fathom Energy & Environment logo

Gary Sims

Fathom Energy & Environment

The site is looking very well, and thank you for your expertise on this.

Bat Conservation Ireland logo part

Bat Conservation Ireland

Dr. Niamh Roche

Andy has a great eye for design and we are extremely pleased with the look and layout of both our websites. Andy added an easy to use shop and booking facility so we can now take online payments for items, memberships and events. He has had to deal with a number of technical issues relating to our scientific databases but none of this has thrown him! Any time we have a query or problem he is extremely quick off the mark to get us sorted. All in all I would highly recommend him!

We are a web and online marketing company with a long history of working with organizations in the conservation/environmental sector.

We're driven by a passion for the natural world and the people that care for it. Having worked in the sector for many years, we wanted to continue that involvement through our business.

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